Content Management Systems

Never losing sight of the fact that cost is a major determinant in selecting IT services, we have chosen open source tools such as Drupal and WordPress for Custom Content Management Systems. These two platforms have built in facilities and thousands of customizable features. Importantly, we can mould these into WYSIWYG interfaces that anyone, even one with least computer knowledge, can operate and keep your website contents fresh and updated.

Given the fact that search engines give preference and higher rankings to sites that have fresh content, we recommend each website owner to have a CMS system in place so that they do not have to rely on web developers for modifications. What you spend on a superb CMS system is recouped easily when you balance the cost against what you would pay a web designer to keep your site updated.

Our forte is not just offering you a standard, off-the-rack product but leveraging the power of Drupal and Wordpress with the wealth of experience and depth of knowledge of our teams to customize a tool to suit your objective and thus obtain maximum returns.

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