Things to Know Before You Hire One

Why you should hire a local website designer in Delhi if you are a Delhi based company

  • Website design is not like buying a consumer product from an ecommerce store. You need to interact with the website designer.
  • Website design Delhi is involved and constant collaboration as well as feedbacks is necessary for the website designer to come up with a site that meets client's expectations.
  • A local web designer is easily accessible. You can visit him or he can visit you at short notice.
  • It is easier to know capabilities of the designer, check credentials and his staff.
  • In case of modifictions or future upgrades your Delhi web designer is easily accessible.

Different Types of websites Design Delhi

The simplest is purely HTML based personal websites with just a few pages.

  • Another type of website is responsive website that displays equally well on desktops and mobile devices.
  • Corporate websites may be more complex with plenty of back end scripting and programming to allow for secure logins, communications and database connections as well as web based apps
  • Everyone is familiar with ecommerce sites dedicated to promote online sales.
  • Yet another type of website one comes across is a portal like Yahoo and Rediff with hundreds of links, topics and interactive features.
  • Who does not know of social websites of which Facebook is undoubtedly the leader?
  • Sine websites are exclusively dedicated to blogs and serve as a platform of promotion and interaction.
  • Then you have search engines whose primary goal is to take inputs, search the internet and deliver results.

Stages involved in a website designing process

  • It starts with analysis of a company, its products, competitors and target markets as well as the function the website should serve.
  • Costs and complexities of technical implementation as well as running costs are studied and a model is decided on which forms the basis for cost estimation.
  • There are two parts to developing a website of which one is graphics and looks taken care of by the design team.
  • The back end programming and scripting part of development is handled by skilled developers who implement chosen technologies to achieve the purpose of the website. SEO experts are also involved at this stage. The programming is blended with front end buttons and graphics as well as page layout.
  • Final website is tested on an internal server to check for discrepancies.
  • Website is hosted and deployed and checked again for parameters like load speeds, links and appearance on various browsers.

Why some website designing companies are expensive

  • Website design can be as simple or as complex as one wishes to make it and some designers charge more for superior technologies such as mouse hover which opens up a relevant box of information.
  • High end web development involves use of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals commanding high salaries while delivering quality results. A company that employs such professionals incurs high costs and must charge clients accordingly.
  • Expensive website development companies work for corporate clients who require high levels of securities and permissions to ensure selective access. In addition, website must be secure to prevent attempts at hacking for which they employ specific professionals and test extensively during development and on deployment.
  • Websites must be maintained and upgraded. Companies that provide ongoing support must pay personnel and so their operating costs are high.
  • Website development companies that offer high end services for cloud or hybrid models must have infrastructure and staff, which adds to the costs.

What should you consider while hiring a website designing company?

  • Is the website developer well established with office and personnel? An individual may well cease operations at any time and take on a job somewhere else and support will not be available.
  • Is the website designing company capable of handling various technologies such as Microsoft .NET development and open source as well as responsive website development?
  • Does the developer have a team capable of innovative graphics design and layout? Looks and ease of user are just as important as back-end technologies.
  • How fast do they work? It should not take months for a company to come up with a website.
  • Do they have in-house quality control and test facilities to test websites once developed? Some developers simply develop and deploy websites without much care for speed of loading, ease of use, broken links, bandwidth use and security.
  • Does the company offer ongoing support to take care of problems and does it have a plan for maintenance? Will it be available for upgrades in future?